Our son, Kirk passed away on April 22, 2015 after a valiant 10 month battle with cancer.  Kirk fought this vicious illness until his last moments on earth.  He was the strongest  man, and yet the gentlest I’ve ever known, loved by everyone who knew him.  He fought through pain, never complaining or asking why – he just took on the battle.  A battle he lost, but not before he further graced us with his love, hope and beauty.

Kirk lived with us the last months of his life for which we are grateful.  He blessed us with his strength and guidance. With his being – with his love – of family, friends – life.

A super sketch artist ever since childhood he was creatively inclined. During his stay with us he critiqued several of my recent paintings and helped me to improve upon them. Kirk had a keen eye for artistic aesthetics.  He never got to see or critique the painting I started while he was alive and and didn’t complete until after his passing titled “Kirk’s Garden”.

God took him too early in his life, and too quickly – but He blessed us with Kirk and the time we could have him, sharing his love.  Kirk is no longer with me to critique paintings, but he will forever be with me as an inspiration for seeing and knowing all things beautiful.

– Jim Plesh

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