Generating Creativity

No one can generate your creativity for you. It’s a unique process within your own psyche, nurtured through experience and imagination.  Creativity is an expression of one’s self and inner thoughts, feelings, and attitudes towards life.  It is just one way in which we can experience and process everything in life. 
However, this process is sometimes stalled with a dreaded block. Your mind is blank and creative mojo is at a stand still. It is at these times that we have to find the stimuli to restart our internal imaginative mechanics and get the creative juices flowing.

Creativity often increases when we can get ourselves out of our day to day routine.  Adrenaline is produced when we feel new experiences that spark bursts of creativity. Our mind seeks new experiences and explorations. New experiences feed the mind, generating a myriad of ideas and emotions.  The idea-generator is refreshed and the urge to record newly found inspiration sets in, whether it is through art, writing, music or dance. The creative mental block can then be lifted from the clutter and confusion gathered in daily routines, and we are refreshed.

Deviation from a daily routine is not only helpful to the creative process, but is healthy for the mind. New experiences of sight, hearing and smell trigger emotions and are reflected in our refreshed attitudes and actions. Boredom resulting from repetitious routine, conversely, blocks creativity and dulls the mind.

The artist, by nature, requires stimulation and exploration to bring forth varied and accomplished works of art.  Breaking routines and trying new things can be extremely beneficial to creativity.  So, take another path.  Try something you’ve always wanted to, but never did. Visit a new place.  Or, just think of something from another point of view.  You may have your best creative ideas simply because you did.