Join Jim Plesh for a six day creative journey to Italy.  Feast on fine food, the finest wines and explore a world of creativity, painting and discovering your creative self.  Six hours a day for four days of painting classes, demonstrations and creative exploration.  Watch, as Plesh demonstrates his painting skills.  Listen, as he gives insight to creativity, garnered from over fifty years in the creative industry.  Join him in discussions and explorations of art and creativity. Work alongside Plesh, with his mentoring, as you create your own individual masterpiece.

The creative sessions are scheduled to allow ample time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Italian country side, as well as an optional one day visit to Rome,  just one hour away.

Villa Palladium is nestled in the heart of Aurinci mountains, overlooking the lush olive orchards and some of the islands of Mar Tirreno, Villa Palladium majestically is a home away from home for those looking for the utmost in hospitality, style and decor. This legendary architecture Villa is a symbol of excellence in hospitality offering guests absolute luxury and comfort. Every room has been given a touch of quality using unique semi-classic furniture of different styles. Interiors that are comfortable, welcoming and full of personality, and beautifully kept grounds with a private Olympic pool.

Your hosts and villa proprietors Coleen and Sal Peronni  will personally attend to ensuring your enjoyment of their home, The Villa Palladium.

Please contact Plesh for additional information.