Erik Dattwyler.  Master Web Designer!

I thank Erik for the development of the PleshArt site.  His expertise shows in the many exceptional sites he has created.

But I want to comment not only on Erik’s expertise but also his compassion as a man. I have designed simple websites in the past but recently, having to do an especially important one to me, I needed help beyond my capabilities. I was fortunate to come across Erik. The site I was so concerned about, wanting it to be perfect, was a commemoration to my son Kirk who had just passed away. Erik not only took on the project, giving us a site beyond expectations, but refused to accept payment, saying his work was his gift to my son’s memory. At that time he didn’t know me or my son, but he reached out to us.  I admire his talent, his expertise, but most of all my wife and I respect and admire him as a man. An understanding and compassionate man.

Erik Dattwyler